The Classes

I usually present the classes each week with a project which can be approached from many different levels. The set up provides a visual stimulus, a point of departure.

Exercises can be used in so many different ways, they provide a structure on which to build, rules which can be broken, most of all, to allow a new way of seeing, it is that which interests me most.

The Monday day class is project led and experimental.
The subjects range from still life, landscape studies, portraits and abstraction.

The Tuesday day class is a life drawing class, in which
we explore many approaches to drawing, and learn about different mediums, ranging from conventional drawing materials to paints.

There is a different model each week. I have a wonderful group of models who take an active role in the class and are inspiring to work with.

In the Evening classes we cover basic drawing exercises, measuring, line, tone, movement, figure in environment, and much more.

The interpretations can be very free. We have a different model every week, and work with short and long poses.